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debuginfo-install(1)                                debuginfo-install(1)

NAME         top

       debuginfo-install - install debuginfo packages and their

SYNOPSIS         top

       debuginfo-install package

DESCRIPTION         top

       debuginfo-install is a program which installs the RPMs needed to
       debug the specified package.  The package argument can be a
       wildcard, but will only match installed packages.  debuginfo-
       install will then enable any debuginfo repositories, and install
       the relevant debuginfo rpm.

EXAMPLES         top

       Download and install all the RPMs needed to debug the kernel RPM:
              debuginfo-install kernel


       Could not find debuginfo for:
              You may sometimes see warning messages about certain
              packages not being found if you run debuginfo-install for
              a wildcard or glob. Debuginfo packages are not necessary
              for "noarch" RPMs; these will generate a warning message.
              Additionally, On 64-bit systems, no multilib debuginfo
              packages are published, so if you have 32-bit packages
              installed, these will also generate warning messages.

FILES         top

       As debuginfo-install uses YUM libraries for retrieving all the
       information, it relies on YUM configuration for its default
       values like which repositories to use. Consult YUM documentation
       for details:


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       See the Authors file included with this program.

BUGS         top

       There are of course no bugs, but should you find any, you should
       first consult the FAQ section on
       and if unsuccessful in finding a resolution contact the mailing
       list:  To file a bug use for Fedora/RHEL/Centos related bugs
       and for all other bugs.

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James Antill                 21 October 2008        debuginfo-install(1)

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