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FUSE2FS(1)               General Commands Manual              FUSE2FS(1)

NAME         top

       fuse2fs - FUSE file system client for ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems

SYNOPSIS         top

       fuse2fs [ device/image ] [ mountpoint ] [ options ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       fuse2fs is a FUSE file system client that supports reading and
       writing from devices or image files containing ext2, ext3, and
       ext4 file systems.

OPTIONS         top

   general options:
       -o opt,[opt...]
              mount options

       -h   --help
              print help

       -V   --version
              print version

   fuse2fs options:
       -o ro  read-only mount

       -o errors=panic
              dump core on error

       -o minixdf
              minix-style df

       -o fakeroot
              pretend to be root for permission checks

       -o no_default_opts
              do not include default fuse options

       -o norecovery
              do not replay the journal and mount the file system read-

       -o fuse2fs_debug
              enable fuse2fs debugging

   FUSE options:
       -d -o debug
              enable debug output (implies -f)

       -f     foreground operation

       -s     disable multi-threaded operation

       For other FUSE options please see mount.fuse(8) or see the output
       of fuse2fs --helpfull

AVAILABILITY         top

       fuse2fs is part of the e2fsprogs package and is available from

SEE ALSO         top

       ext4(5) e2fsck(8), mount.fuse(8)

COLOPHON         top

       This page is part of the e2fsprogs (utilities for ext2/3/4
       filesystems) project.  Information about the project can be found
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       report bugs for this man page; if you know, please send a mail to
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E2fsprogs version 1.46.4       August 2021                    FUSE2FS(1)