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lkbib(1)                   General Commands Manual                  lkbib(1)

Name         top

       lkbib - search bibliographic databases

Synopsis         top

       lkbib [-n] [-i fields] [-p filename] [-t n] key ...

       lkbib --help

       lkbib -v
       lkbib --version

Description         top

       lkbib searches bibliographic databases for references that contain
       the keys key ... and prints any references found on the standard
       output.  lkbib will search any databases given by -p options, and
       then a default database.  The default database is taken from the
       REFER environment variable if it is set, otherwise it is /usr/dict/
       papers/Ind.  For each database filename to be searched, if an index
       filename.i created by indxbib(1) exists, then it will be searched
       instead; each index can cover multiple databases.

Options         top

       Whitespace is permitted between a command-line option and its

       --help Display a usage message and exit.

              When searching files for which no index exists, ignore the
              contents of fields whose names are in string.

              Search filename.  Multiple -p options can be used.

       -tn    Only require the first n characters of keys to be given.
              Initially n is 6.

              Display version information and exit.

Environment         top

       REFER  Default database.

Files         top

              Default database to be used if the REFER environment variable
              is not set.

              Index files.

See Also         top

       “Some Applications of Inverted Indexes on the UNIX System”,
              M. E. Lesk, Bell Laboratories, 1979.  A gratis version of this
              document from volume 2A of the Unix Programmer's Manual, 7th
              edition, describes an early implementation of refer and is
              available at the website of the late W. Richard Stevens 

       refer(1), lookbib(1), indxbib(1)

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