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NAME         top

       look - display lines beginning with a given string

SYNOPSIS         top

       look [options] string [file]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The look utility displays any lines in file which contain string
       as a prefix. As look performs a binary search, the lines in file
       must be sorted (where sort(1) was given the same options -d
       and/or -f that look is invoked with).

       If file is not specified, the file /usr/share/dict/words is used,
       only alphanumeric characters are compared and the case of
       alphabetic characters is ignored.

OPTIONS         top

       -a, --alternative
           Use the alternative dictionary file.

       -d, --alphanum
           Use normal dictionary character set and order, i.e., only
           blanks and alphanumeric characters are compared. This is on
           by default if no file is specified.

           Note that blanks have been added to dictionary character set
           for compatibility with sort -d command since version 2.28.

       -f, --ignore-case
           Ignore the case of alphabetic characters. This is on by
           default if no file is specified.

       -t, --terminate character
           Specify a string termination character, i.e., only the
           characters in string up to and including the first occurrence
           of character are compared.

       -h, --help
           Display help text and exit.

       -V, --version
           Print version and exit.

       The look utility exits 0 if one or more lines were found and
       displayed, 1 if no lines were found, and >1 if an error occurred.

ENVIRONMENT         top

           Path to a dictionary file. The environment variable has
           greater priority than the dictionary path defined in the
           FILES segment.

FILES         top

           the dictionary

           the alternative dictionary

HISTORY         top

       The look utility appeared in Version 7 AT&T Unix.

EXAMPLES         top

           sort -d /etc/passwd -o /tmp/look.dict
           look -t: root:foobar /tmp/look.dict

SEE ALSO         top

       grep(1), sort(1)

REPORTING BUGS         top

       For bug reports, use the issue tracker at

AVAILABILITY         top

       The look command is part of the util-linux package which can be
       downloaded from Linux Kernel Archive
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