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mk-ca-bundle(1)               mk-ca-bundle               mk-ca-bundle(1)

NAME         top

       mk-ca-bundle - convert Mozilla's certificate bundle to PEM format

SYNOPSIS         top

       mk-ca-bundle [options] [outputfile]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The mk-ca-bundle tool downloads the certdata.txt file from
       Mozilla's source tree over HTTPS, then parses certdata.txt and
       extracts certificates into PEM format. By default, only CA root
       certificates trusted to issue SSL server authentication
       certificates are extracted. These are then processed with the
       OpenSSL command line tool to produce the final ca-bundle file.

       The default outputfile name is ca-bundle.crt. By setting it to
       '-' (a single dash) you will get the output sent to STDOUT
       instead of a file.

       The PEM format this scripts uses for output makes the result
       readily available for use by just about all OpenSSL or GnuTLS
       powered applications, such as curl and others.

OPTIONS         top

       The following options are supported:

       -b     backup an existing version of outputfilename

       -d [name]
              specify which Mozilla tree to pull certdata.txt from (or a
              custom URL). Valid names are: aurora, beta, central,
              Mozilla, nss, release (default). They are shortcuts for
              which source tree to get the certificates data from.

       -f     force rebuild even if certdata.txt is current (Added in
              version 1.17)

       -i     print version info about used modules

       -k     Allow insecure data transfer. By default (since 1.27) this
              command will fail if the HTTPS transfer fails. This
              overrides that decision (and opens for man-in-the-middle

       -l     print license info about certdata.txt

       -m     (Added in 1.26) Include meta data comments in the output.
              The meta data is specific information about each
              certificate that is stored in the original file as
              comments and using this option will make those comments
              get passed on to the output file. The meta data is not
              parsed in any way by mk-ca-bundle.

       -n     no download of certdata.txt (to use existing)

       -p [purposes]:[levels]
              list of Mozilla trust purposes and levels for certificates
              to include in output.  Takes the form of a comma separated
              list of purposes, a colon, and a comma separated list of
              levels. The default is to include all certificates trusted
              to issue SSL Server certificates

              (Added in version 1.21, Perl only)

              Valid purposes are:
              SERVER_AUTH (default), CLIENT_AUTH, CODE_SIGNING,

              Valid trust levels are:
              ALL, TRUSTED_DELEGATOR (default), NOT_TRUSTED,

       -q     be really quiet (no progress output at all)

       -t     include plain text listing of certificates

       -s [algorithms]
              comma separated list of signature algorithms with which to
              hash/fingerprint each certificate and output when run in
              plain text mode.

              (Added in version 1.21, Perl only)

              Valid algorithms are:
              ALL, NONE, MD5 (default), SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512

       -u     unlink (remove) certdata.txt after processing

       -v     be verbose and print out processed certificate authorities

EXIT STATUS         top

       Returns 0 on success. Returns 1 if it fails to download data.

FILE FORMAT         top

       The file format used by Mozilla for this trust information is
       documented here:

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