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mmroff(1)                General Commands Manual               mmroff(1)

Name         top

       mmroff - cross-referencing front end for GNU roff mm macro

Synopsis         top

       mmroff [-x] groff-argument ...

       mmroff --help

       mmroff --version

Description         top

       mmroff is a simple wrapper for groff, used to expand cross
       references in mm; see groff_mm(7).  It runs groff with the -mm
       option twice, first with -z and -rRef=1 to collect cross
       references and update the cross-reference file, and then again to
       produce the document.  It also handles the inclusion of
       PostScript images with the PIC macro.  Documents that do not use
       these features of groff mm (the INITR, SETR, GETHN, GETPN, GETR,
       GETST, and PIC macros) do not require mmroff.

Options         top

       --help displays a usage message, while --version shows version
       information; both exit afterward.

       -x     Create or update the cross-reference file and exit.

Authors         top

       mmroff was written by Jörgen Hägg ⟨⟩ of Lund, Sweden.

See also         top

       groff_mm(7), groff_mmse(7), groff(1), troff(1), tbl(1), pic(1),

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