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NAME         top

       mountpoint - see if a directory or file is a mountpoint

SYNOPSIS         top

       mountpoint [-d|-q] directory | file

       mountpoint -x device

DESCRIPTION         top

       mountpoint checks whether the given directory or file is mentioned in
       the /proc/self/mountinfo file.

OPTIONS         top

       -d, --fs-devno
              Show the major/minor numbers of the device that is mounted on
              the given directory.

       -q, --quiet
              Be quiet - don't print anything.

              Do not follow symbolic link if it the last element of the
              directory path.

       -x, --devno
              Show the major/minor numbers of the given blockdevice on
              standard output.

       -V, --version
              Display version information and exit.

       -h, --help
              Display help text and exit.

EXIT STATUS         top

       Zero if the directory or file is a mountpoint, non-zero if not.

ENVIRONMENT         top

              enables libmount debug output.

NOTES         top

       The util-linux mountpoint implementation was written from scratch for
       libmount.  The original version for sysvinit suite was written by
       Miquel van Smoorenburg.

AUTHORS         top

       Karel Zak <>

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AVAILABILITY         top

       The mountpoint command is part of the util-linux package and is
       available from

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