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       myrocks_hotbackup - streaming backup for MariaDB MyRocks

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       Backup: set -o pipefail; myrocks_hotbackup --user=root
       --password=pw --port=3306 --checkpoint_dir=<directory where
       temporary backup hard links are created> | ssh -o NoneEnabled=yes
       remote_server 'tar -xi -C <directory on remote server where
       backups will be sent>' . You need to execute backup command on a
       server where you take backups.

       Backup using WDT: myrocks_hotbackup --user=root --password=pw
       --stream=wdt --checkpoint_dir=<directory where temporary backup
       hard links are created> --destination=<remote host name>
       --backup_dir=<remote directory name>. This has to be executed at
       the src host.

       Move-Back: myrocks_hotbackup --move_back --datadir=<dest mysql
       datadir> --rocksdb_datadir=<dest rocksdb datadir>
       --rocksdb_waldir=<dest rocksdb wal dir> --backup_dir=<where
       backup files are stored> . You need to execute move-back command
       on a server where backup files are sent.

OPTIONS         top

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Number of seconds to renew checkpoint

              Local directory name where checkpoints will be created.

       -d DATADIR, --datadir=DATADIR
              backup mode: src MySQL datadir. move_back mode: dest MySQL

              Setting streaming backup options. Currently tar, WDT and
              xbstream are supported. Default is tar

              Remote server name. Only used for WDT mode so far.

              Average backup rate in MBytes/sec. WDT only.

              Extra options for WDT sender

              Extra options for WDT receiver

       -u MYSQL_USER, --user=MYSQL_USER
              MySQL user name

              MySQL password name

       -P MYSQL_PORT, --port=MYSQL_PORT
              MySQL port number

              MySQL socket path. Takes precedence over --port.

       -m, --move_back
              Moving MyRocks backup files to proper locations.

       -r ROCKSDB_DATADIR, --rocksdb_datadir=ROCKSDB_DATADIR
              RocksDB target data directory where backup data files will
              be moved. Must be empty.

       -w ROCKSDB_WALDIR, --rocksdb_waldir=ROCKSDB_WALDIR
              RocksDB target data directory where backup wal files will
              be moved. Must be empty.

       -b BACKUPDIR, --backup_dir=BACKUPDIR
              backup mode for WDT: Remote directory to store backup.
              move_back mode: Locations where backup files are stored.

       -f, --skip_check_frm_timestamp
              skipping to check if frm files are updated after starting

       -D DEBUG_SIGNAL_FILE, --debug_signal_file=DEBUG_SIGNAL_FILE
              debugging purpose: waiting until the specified file is

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       For more information, please refer to the MariaDB Knowledge Base,
       available online at

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