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NAME         top

       psktool - GnuTLS PSK tool

SYNOPSIS         top

       psktool [-flags] [-flag [value]] [--option-name[[=| ]value]]

       All arguments must be options.

DESCRIPTION         top

       Program  that generates random keys for use with TLS-PSK. The
       keys are stored in hexadecimal format in a key file.

OPTIONS         top

       -d num, --debug=num Enable debugging.  This option takes an
       integer number as its argument.  The value of num is constrained
       to being:
           in the range 0 through 9999

       Specifies the debug level.

       -s num, --keysize=num Specify the key size in bytes (default is
       32-bytes or 256-bits).  This option takes an integer number as
       its argument.  The value of num is constrained to being:
           in the range 0 through 512

       -u str, --username=str Specify the username to use.

       -p str, --pskfile=str Specify a pre-shared key file.

       This option will specify the pre-shared key file to store the
       generated keys.

       --passwd This is an alias for the --pskfile option.


       -v arg, --version=arg Output version of program and exit.  The
       default mode is `v', a simple version.  The `c' mode will print
       copyright information and `n' will print the full copyright

       -h, --help Display usage information and exit.

       -!, --more-help Pass the extended usage information through a

EXAMPLES         top

              To add a user 'psk_identity' in keys.psk for use with
              GnuTLS run:
                  $ ./psktool -u psk_identity -p keys.psk
                  Generating a random key for user 'psk_identity'
                  Key stored to keys.psk
                  $ cat keys.psk

              This command will create keys.psk if it does not exist and
              will add user 'psk_identity'.

EXIT STATUS         top

       One of the following exit values will be returned:

       0  (EXIT_SUCCESS) Successful program execution.

       1  (EXIT_FAILURE) The operation failed or the command syntax was
       not valid.

SEE ALSO         top

              gnutls-cli-debug(1), gnutls-serv(1), srptool(1),

AUTHORS         top

COPYRIGHT         top

       Copyright (C) 2020-2023 Free Software Foundation, and others all
       rights reserved.  This program is released under the terms of the
       GNU General Public License, version 3 or later

BUGS         top

       Please send bug reports to:

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3.8.2                          15 Nov 2023                    psktool(1)

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