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soelim(1)                  General Commands Manual                 soelim(1)

Name         top

       soelim - interpret .so requests in groff input

Synopsis         top

       soelim [-Crtv] [-I dir] [file ...]

Description         top

       soelim reads files and replaces lines of the form

              .so file

       by the contents of file.  It is useful if files included with .so
       need to be preprocessed.  Normally, soelim should be invoked with the
       -s option of groff.

       To embed ‘\’ in the file name, write ‘\\’ or ‘\e’.  To embed a space,
       write ‘\ ’.  Any other escape sequence in file makes soelim ignore
       the whole line.

       Note that there must be no whitespace between the leading dot and the
       two characters ‘s’ and ‘o’.  Otherwise, only groff interprets the .so
       request (and soelim ignores it).

Options         top

       Whitespace is permitted between a command-line option and its

       -C     Recognize .so even when followed by a character other than
              space or newline.

       -Idir  This option may be used to add a directory to the search path
              for files (both those on the command line and those named in
              .so requests).  The search path is initialized with the
              current directory.  This option may be specified more than
              once; the directories are then searched in the order specified
              (but before the current directory).  If you want to make the
              current directory be read before other directories, add -I. at
              the appropriate place.

              No directory search is performed for files with an absolute
              file name.

       -r     Do not add .lf requests (for general use, with non-groff

       -t     Don't emit .lf requests but TeX comment lines (starting with
              ‘%’) giving the current file and line number.

       -v     Print the version number.

Usage         top

       The normal processing sequence of groff is this:

                 input        sourced
                 file          file
                   |             |
                   v             v
               preprocessor -> troff -> postprocessor

       That is, files sourced with .so are normally read only by troff (the
       actual formatter).  soelim is not required for troff to source files.

       If a file to be sourced should also be preprocessed, it must already
       be read before the input file passes through the preprocessor.  This
       is handled by soelim:

                 soelim -> preprocessor -> troff -> postprocessor
                   ^                                     |
                   |                                     v
                sourced                               output
                 file                                  file

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