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STG-SHOW(1)                   StGit Manual                   STG-SHOW(1)

NAME         top

       stg-show - Show patch commits

SYNOPSIS         top

       stg show [OPTIONS] [patch-or-rev]... [-- <path>...]
       stg show [OPTIONS] [--patch <patch-or-rev>]... [-- <path>...]
       stg show [OPTIONS] [-A] [-U] [-H] [-- <path>...]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Show the commit log and diff corresponding to the given patches.
       The topmost patch is shown by default, or HEAD if no patches are
       applied. The output is similar to git-show(1).

OPTIONS         top

       -p <patch-or-rev>, --patch=<patch-or-rev>
           Patch or revision to show

       -b <branch>, --branch=<branch>
           Use <branch> instead of current branch

       -s, --stat
           Show a diffstat summary instead of the full diff

       -O <option>, --diff-opt=<option>
           Pass additional <option> to git diff.

           See the git-diff(1) man page. This option may be specified
           multiple times.

       -A, --applied
           Show the applied patches

       -U, --unapplied
           Show the unapplied patches

       -H, --hidden
           Show the hidden patches

STGIT         top

       Part of the StGit suite - see stg(1)

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