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PMAPI_INTERNAL(3)       Library Functions Manual       PMAPI_INTERNAL(3)

NAME         top

       PMAPI_INTERNAL - internal details for the Performance Metrics
       Application Programming Interface

C SYNOPSIS         top

       #include "pmapi.h"
       #include "libpcp.h"

        ... assorted routines ...

       cc ... -lpcp

CAVEAT         top

       This documentation is intended for internal Performance Co-Pilot
       (PCP) developer use.

       These interfaces are not part of the PCP APIs that are guaranteed
       to remain fixed across releases, and they may not work, or may
       provide different semantics at some point in the future.

DESCRIPTION         top

       Refer to PMAPI(3) for general information about the external
       interfaces defined in <pcp/pmapi.h>.  The interfaces described
       here assume that context.


       The following groups of internal functions and services in libpcp
       are restricted to being called from a single-thread, and this is
       enforced by returning PM_ERR_THREAD when an attempt to call the
       routines in each group from more than one thread is detected.

       1.  The interval timer services use global state with semantics
           that demand it is only used in the context of a single
           thread, so __pmAFregister(3), __pmAFunregister(3),
           __pmAFblock(3), __pmAFunblock(3) and __pmAFisempty(3).

       2.  The following access control manipulation routines that are
           principally intended for single-threaded applications:
           __pmAccAddOp, __pmAccSaveHosts, __pmAccRestoreHosts,
           __pmAccFreeSavedHosts, __pmAccAddHost, __pmAccAddClient,
           __pmAccDelClient and __pmAccDumpHosts.

       3.  The following routines that identify pmlogger control ports
           and are principally intended for single-threaded
           applications: __pmLogFindPort and __pmLogFindLocalPorts.

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