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PMLOGWRITEMARK(3)       Library Functions Manual       PMLOGWRITEMARK(3)

NAME         top

       __pmLogWriteMark - append a <mark> record to a PCP archive

C SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <pcp/pmapi.h>
       #include <pcp/libpcp.h>

       int __pmLogWriteMark(__pmArchCtl *acp, const __pmTimestamp
       *last_stamp, const __pmTimestamp *inc)

       cc ... -lpcp

CAVEAT         top

       This documentation is intended for internal Performance Co-Pilot
       (PCP) developer use.

       These interfaces are not part of the PCP APIs that are guaranteed
       to remain fixed across releases, and at some point in the future
       they may not work or may provide different semantics.

DESCRIPTION         top

       __pmLogWriteMark appends a <mark> record to the current data file
       of a PCP archive.  A <mark> record indicates a dicontinuity in
       the time series of logged data in the archive, see PCPIntro(1)
       for more information.

       The timestamp of the <mark> record is given by last_stamp
       optionally incremented by inc unless inc is NULL (in which case
       no increment is done).

       The current data volume's I/O stream and the archive version
       (determines the format of the <mark> record) are determined from


       The return value is 0 if all is well, else some error code less
       than zero that can be turned into an error message by calling

SEE ALSO         top

       PCPIntro(1), PMAPI(3) and __pmLogWrite(3).

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