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AUPARSE_INIT(3)              Linux Audit API             AUPARSE_INIT(3)

NAME         top

       auparse_init - initialize an instance of the audit parsing

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <auparse.h>

       auparse_state_t *auparse_init(ausource_t source, const void *b);

DESCRIPTION         top

       auparse_init initializes an instance of the audit parsing
       library. The function returns an opaque pointer to the parser's
       internal state. It is used in subsequent calls to the library so.
       The source variable determines where the library looks for data.
       Legal values can be:

            AUSOURCE_LOGS - use audit logs
            AUSOURCE_FILE - use a file
            AUSOURCE_FILE_ARRAY - use several files
            AUSOURCE_BUFFER - use a buffer
            AUSOURCE_BUFFER_ARRAY - use an array of buffers
            AUSOURCE_DESCRIPTOR - use a particular descriptor
            AUSOURCE_FILE_POINTER - use a stdio FILE pointer
            AUSOURCE_FEED - feed data to parser with auparse_feed()

       The pointer 'b' is used to set the file name, array of filenames,
       the buffer address, or an array of pointers to buffers, or the
       descriptor number based on what source is given. When the data
       source is an array of files or buffers, you would create an array
       of pointers with the last one being a NULL pointer. Buffers
       should be NUL terminated.

       The data structure returned by auparse_init is not thread-safe.
       If you need to use it in a multithreaded program, you will need
       to add locking around any use of the data structure.

RETURN VALUE         top

       Returns a NULL pointer if an error occurs; otherwise, the return
       value is an opaque pointer to the parser's internal state.

SEE ALSO         top

       auparse_reset(3), auparse_destroy(3).  auparse_feed(3).

AUTHOR         top

       Steve Grubb

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