capng_capability_to_name(3) — Linux manual page



NAME         top

       capng_capability_to_name - convert capability integer to text

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <cap-ng.h>

       const char *capng_capability_to_name(unsigned int capability);

DESCRIPTION         top

       capng_capability_to_name will take the integer being passed and
       look it up to see what its text string representation would be.
       The integer being input must be in the valid range defined in
       linux/capabiliy.h. The string that is output is the same as the
       define text from linux/capabiliy.h with the CAP_ prefix removed
       and lower case. This is useful for taking integer representation
       and converting it to something more user friendly for display.

RETURN VALUE         top

       This returns a NULL pointer on failure and the correct string

SEE ALSO         top

       capng_name_to_capability(3), capabilities(7)

AUTHOR         top

       Steve Grubb

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Red Hat                         June 2009    CAPNG_CAPABILITY_TO_NAME(3)

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