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FUNCTION::REGISTER(3stap)   Context Functions  FUNCTION::REGISTER(3stap)

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       function::register - Return the signed value of the named CPU

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ARGUMENTS         top

           Name of the register to return

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       Return the value of the named CPU register, as it was saved when
       the current probe point was hit. If the register is 32 bits, it
       is sign-extended to 64 bits.

       For the i386 architecture, the following names are recognized.
       (name1/name2 indicates that name1 and name2 are alternative names
       for the same register.) eax/ax, ebp/bp, ebx/bx, ecx/cx, edi/di,
       edx/dx, eflags/flags, eip/ip, esi/si, esp/sp, orig_eax/orig_ax,
       xcs/cs, xds/ds, xes/es, xfs/fs, xss/ss.

       For the x86_64 architecture, the following names are recognized:
       64-bit registers: r8, r9, r10, r11, r12, r13, r14, r15, rax/ax,
       rbp/bp, rbx/bx, rcx/cx, rdi/di, rdx/dx, rip/ip, rsi/si, rsp/sp;
       32-bit registers: eax, ebp, ebx, ecx, edx, edi, edx, eip, esi,
       esp, flags/eflags, orig_eax; segment registers: xcs/cs, xss/ss.

       For powerpc, the following names are recognized: r0, r1, ... r31,
       nip, msr, orig_gpr3, ctr, link, xer, ccr, softe, trap, dar,
       dsisr, result.

       For s390x, the following names are recognized: r0, r1, ... r15,
       args, psw.mask, psw.addr, orig_gpr2, ilc, trap.

       For AArch64, the following names are recognized: x0, x1, ... x30,
       fp, lr, sp, pc, and orig_x0.

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