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LIBPFM(3)               Linux Programmer's Manual              LIBPFM(3)

NAME         top

       pfm_strerror - return constant string describing error code

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <perfmon/pfmlib.h>

       const char *pfm_strerror(int code);

DESCRIPTION         top

       This function returns a string which describes the libpfm error
       value in code. The string returned by the call is read-only.

       The function must only be used with libpfm calls documented to
       return specific error codes. The value -1 is not considered a
       specific error code.  Strings and pfm_pmu_t return values cannot
       be used with this function.  Typically NULL is returned in case
       of error for string values, and PFM_PMU_NONE is returned for
       pfm_pmu_t values.

       The function is also not designed to handle OS system call
       errors, i.e., errno values.

RETURN         top

       The function returns a pointer to the constant string describing
       the error code. The string is in English. If code is invalid then
       a default error message is returned.

ERRORS         top

       If the error code is invalid, then the function returns a pointer
       to a string which says "unknown error code".

AUTHOR         top

       Stephane Eranian <>

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