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       slapo-dyngroup - Dynamic Group overlay to slapd

SYNOPSIS         top


DESCRIPTION         top

       The Dynamic Group overlay allows clients to use LDAP Compare
       operations to test the membership of a dynamic group the same way
       they would check against a static group. Compare operations targeting
       a group's static member attribute will be intercepted and tested
       against the configured dynamic group's URL attribute.

       Note that this intercept only happens if the actual Compare operation
       does not return a LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE result. So if a group has both
       static and dynamic members, the static member list will be checked


       This slapd.conf option applies to the Dynamic Group overlay.  It
       should appear after the overlay directive.

       attrpair <memberAttr> <URLattr>
              Specify the attributes to be compared. A compare operation on
              the memberAttr will cause the URLattr to be evaluated for the

EXAMPLES         top

         database mdb
         overlay dyngroup
         attrpair member memberURL

FILES         top

              default slapd configuration file

SEE ALSO         top

       slapd.conf(5), slapd-config(5).

AUTHOR         top

       Howard Chu

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