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rpcdebug(8)                System Manager's Manual               rpcdebug(8)

NAME         top

       rpcdebug - set and clear NFS and RPC kernel debug flags

SYNOPSIS         top

       rpcdebug -vh
       rpcdebug -m module
       rpcdebug -m module -s flags...
       rpcdebug -m module -c flags...

DESCRIPTION         top

       The rpcdebug command allows an administrator to set and clear the
       Linux kernel's NFS client and server debug flags.  Setting these
       flags causes the kernel to emit messages to the system log in
       response to NFS activity; this is typically useful when debugging NFS

       The first form in the synopsis can be used to list all available
       debug flags.  The second form shows the currently set debug flags for
       the given module.  The third form sets one or more flags, and the
       fourth form clears one or more flags.

       The value all may be used to set or clear all the flags for the given

OPTIONS         top

       -c     Clear the given debug flags.

       -h     Print a help message and exit.  When combined with the -v
              option, also prints the available debug flags.

       -m module
              Specify which module's flags to set or clear.  Available
              modules are:

              nfsd   The NFS server.

              nfs    The NFS client.

              nlm    The Network Lock Manager, in either an NFS client or

              rpc    The Remote Procedure Call module, in either an NFS
                     client or server.

       -s     Set the given debug flags.

       -v     Increase the verbosity of rpcdebug's output.

FILES         top

              procfs-based interface to kernel debug flags.

SEE ALSO         top

       rpc.nfsd(8), nfs(5), syslogd(8).

BUGS         top

       Bugs can be found or reported at http://nfs.sf.net/ .

AUTHOR         top

       Program by Olaf Kirch <okir@suse.de> and
       <frederic.jolly@bull.ext.net>.  Manpage by Greg Banks

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                                 5 Jul 2006                      rpcdebug(8)