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SYSTEMD-....SERVICE(8) systemd-remount-fs.service SYSTEMD-....SERVICE(8)

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       systemd-remount-fs.service, systemd-remount-fs - Remount root and
       kernel file systems

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       systemd-remount-fs.service is an early boot service that applies
       mount options listed in fstab(5), or gathered from the partition
       table (when systemd-gpt-auto-generator(8) is active) to the root
       file system, the /usr/ file system, and the kernel API file
       systems. This is required so that the mount options of these file
       systems — which are pre-mounted by the kernel, the initrd,
       container environments or system manager code — are updated to
       those configured in /etc/fstab and the other sources. This
       service ignores normal file systems and only changes the root
       file system (i.e.  /), /usr/, and the virtual kernel API file
       systems such as /proc/, /sys/ or /dev/. This service executes no
       operation if no configuration is found (/etc/fstab does not exist
       or lists no entries for the mentioned file systems, or the
       partition table does not contain relevant entries).

       For a longer discussion of kernel API file systems see API File

       Note: systemd-remount-fs.service is usually pulled in by
       systemd-fstab-generator(8), hence it is also affected by the
       kernel command line option fstab=, which may be used to disable
       the generator. It may also pulled in by
       systemd-gpt-auto-generator(8), which is affected by
       systemd.gpt_auto and other options.

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       systemd(1), fstab(5), mount(8), systemd-fstab-generator(8),

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        1. API File Systems

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