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SYSTEM...SERVICE(8)  systemd-vconsole-setup.service  SYSTEM...SERVICE(8)

NAME         top

       systemd-vconsole-setup.service, systemd-vconsole-setup -
       Configure the virtual consoles

SYNOPSIS         top


       /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-vconsole-setup [TTY]

DESCRIPTION         top

       systemd-vconsole-setup sets up and configures either all virtual
       consoles, or — if the optional TTY parameter is provided — a
       specific one. When the system is booting up,
       systemd-vconsole-setup.service is called by systemd-udevd(8)
       during VT console subsystem initialization. Also,
       systemd-localed.service(8) invokes it as needed when language or
       console changes are made. Internally, this program calls
       loadkeys(1) and setfont(8).

       Execute systemctl restart systemd-vconsole-setup.service in order
       to apply any manual changes made to /etc/vconsole.conf.

       See vconsole.conf(5) for information about the configuration
       files and kernel command line options understood by this program.

CREDENTIALS         top

       systemd-vconsole-setup supports the service credentials logic as
       implemented by ImportCredential=/LoadCredential=/SetCredential=
       (see systemd.exec(1) for details). The following credentials are
       used when passed in:

       vconsole.keymap, vconsole.keymap_toggle
           The keymap (and toggle keymap) to apply. The matching options
           in vconsole.conf and on the kernel command line take
           precedence over these credentials.

           Note the relationship to the firstboot.keymap credential
           understood by systemd-firstboot.service(8): both ultimately
           affect the same setting, but firstboot.keymap is written into
           /etc/vconsole.conf on first boot (if not already configured),
           and then read from there by systemd-vconsole-setup, while
           vconsole.keymap is read on every boot, and is not persisted
           to disk (but any configuration in vconsole.conf will take
           precedence if present).

           Added in version 253.

       vconsole.font, vconsole.font_map, vconsole.font_unimap
           The console font settings to apply. The matching options in
           vconsole.conf and on the kernel command line take precedence
           over these credentials.

           Added in version 253.

SEE ALSO         top

       systemd(1), vconsole.conf(5), loadkeys(1), setfont(8),

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