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FLATPAK BUILD-BUNDL(1)    flatpak build-bundle    FLATPAK BUILD-BUNDL(1)

NAME         top

       flatpak-build-bundle - Create a single-file bundle from a local

SYNOPSIS         top

       flatpak build-bundle [OPTION...] LOCATION FILENAME NAME [BRANCH]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Creates a single-file named FILENAME for the application (or
       runtime) named NAME in the repository at LOCATION. If a BRANCH is
       specified, this branch of the application is used.

       The collection ID set on the repository at LOCATION (if set) will
       be used for the bundle.

       Unless --oci is used, the format of the bundle file is that of an
       ostree static delta (against an empty base) with some flatpak
       specific metadata for the application icons and appdata.

OPTIONS         top

       The following options are understood:

       -h, --help
           Show help options and exit.

           Export a runtime instead of an application.

           The arch to create a bundle for. See flatpak
           --supported-arches for architectures supported by the host.

           The URL for the repository from which the application can be
           updated. Installing the bundle will automatically configure a
           remote for this URL.

           The URL for a .flatpakrepo file that contains the information
           about the repository that supplies the runtimes required by
           the app.

           Add the GPG key from FILE (use - for stdin).

           GPG Homedir to use when looking for keyrings.

           The OSTree commit to create a delta bundle from.

           Export to an OCI image instead of a Flatpak bundle.

       -v, --verbose
           Print debug information during command processing.

           Print OSTree debug information during command processing.

EXAMPLES         top

       $ flatpak build-bundle /var/lib/flatpak/repo
       gnome-calculator.flatpak org.gnome.Calculator stable

       $ flatpak build-bundle ~/.local/share/flatpak/repo
       gnome-calculator.flatpak org.gnome.Calculator stable

SEE ALSO         top

       ostree(1), flatpak(1), flatpak-build-init(1), flatpak-build(1),
       flatpak-build-finish(1), flatpak-build-import-bundle(1),

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       This page is part of the flatpak (a tool for building and
       distributing desktop applications on Linux) project.  Information
       about the project can be found at ⟨http://flatpak.org/⟩.  It is
       not known how to report bugs for this man page; if you know,
       please send a mail to man-pages@man7.org.  This page was obtained
       from the project's upstream Git repository
       ⟨https://github.com/flatpak/flatpak⟩ on 2023-12-22.  (At that
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