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IP-MROUTE(8)                      Linux                     IP-MROUTE(8)

NAME         top

       ip-mroute - multicast routing cache management

SYNOPSIS         top

       ip mroute show [ [  to  ] PREFIX ] [ from PREFIX ] [ iif DEVICE ]
               [ table TABLE_ID ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       mroute objects are multicast routing cache entries created by a
       user-level mrouting daemon (f.e.  pimd or mrouted ).

       Due to the limitations of the current interface to the multicast
       routing engine, it is impossible to change mroute objects
       administratively, so we can only display them. This limitation
       will be removed in the future.

   ip mroute show - list mroute cache entries
       to PREFIX (default)
              the prefix selecting the destination multicast addresses
              to list.

       iif NAME
              the interface on which multicast packets are received.

       from PREFIX
              the prefix selecting the IP source addresses of the
              multicast route.

       table TABLE_ID
              the table id selecting the multicast table. It can be
              local, main, default, all or a number.

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       Original Manpage by Michail Litvak <mci@owl.openwall.com>

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