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RQUOTAD(8)                 System Manager's Manual                RQUOTAD(8)

NAME         top

       rpc.rquotad - remote quota server

SYNOPSIS         top

       /usr/sbin/rpc.rquotad [ -FI ] [ -p port ] [ -s | -S ] [ -x path ]

       /usr/sbin/rpc.rquotad [ -h | -V ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       rpc.rquotad is an rpc(3) server which returns quotas for a user of a
       local filesystem which is mounted by a remote machine over the NFS.
       It also allows setting of quotas on NFS mounted filesystem (if
       configured during compilation and allowed by a command line option
       -S).  The results are used by quota(1) to display user quotas for
       remote filesystems and by edquota(8) to set quotas on remote
       filesystems.  rquotad daemon uses tcp-wrappers library (under service
       name rquotad) which allows you to specify hosts allowed/disallowed to
       use the daemon (see hosts.allow(5) manpage for more information). The
       rquotad daemon is normally started at boot time from the system
       startup scripts.

OPTIONS         top

       -h, --help
              Show program usage and exit.  -V, --version Show version of
              quota tools.

       -s, --no-setquota
              Don't allow setting of quotas (default). This option is
              available only if utilities were compiled with the rpcsetquota

       -S, --setquota
              Allow setting of quotas. This option is available only if
              utilities were compiled with the rpcsetquota option.

       -F, --foreground
              Run daemon in foreground (may be useful for debugging

       -I, --autofs
              Do not ignore autofs mountpoints.

       -p port, --port port
              Listen on alternate port port.

       -x path, --xtab path
              Set an alternative file with NFSD export table. This file is
              used to determine pseudoroot of NFSv4 exports. The pseudoroot
              is then prepended to each relative path (i.e. a path not
              beginning by '/') received in a quota RPC request.

FILES         top

       aquota.user or aquota.group
                           quota file at the filesystem root (version 2
                           quota, non-XFS filesystems)
       quota.user or quota.group
                           quota file at the filesystem root (version 1
                           quota, non-XFS filesystems)
       /etc/mtab           default filesystems

SEE ALSO         top

       quota(1), rpc(3), nfs(5), services(5), inetd(8)

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