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RPM-AUDIT(8)               System Manager's Manual              RPM-AUDIT(8)

NAME         top

       rpm-plugin-audit - Audit plugin for the RPM Package Manager

Description         top

       The plugin writes basic information about rpm transactions to the
       audit log - like packages installed or removed. The entries can be
       viewed with

       ausearch -m SOFTWARE_UPDATE

   Data fields
       The entries in the audit log have the following fields:

       Field  Possible values          Description

       op     install/update/remove    package operation

       sw     name-version-release.arch of the package

              0/1  are signatures being enforced

              0/1  result of signature check (0 == fail / 1 ==success)

              Root directory of the operation, normally "/"

              "rpm"     package format

Configuration         top

       There are currently no options for this plugin in particular. See
       rpm-plugins(8) on how to control plugins in general.

SEE ALSO         top

       ausearch(8) rpm-plugins(8)

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