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UPTIME(1)                     User Commands                    UPTIME(1)

NAME         top

       uptime - Tell how long the system has been running.

SYNOPSIS         top

       uptime [options]

DESCRIPTION         top

       uptime gives a one line display of the following information.
       The current time, how long the system has been running, how many
       users are currently logged on, and the system load averages for
       the past 1, 5, and 15 minutes.

       This is the same information contained in the header line
       displayed by w(1).

       System load averages is the average number of processes that are
       either in a runnable or uninterruptable state.  A process in a
       runnable state is either using the CPU or waiting to use the CPU.
       A process in uninterruptable state is waiting for some I/O
       access, eg waiting for disk.  The averages are taken over the
       three time intervals.  Load averages are not normalized for the
       number of CPUs in a system, so a load average of 1 means a single
       CPU system is loaded all the time while on a 4 CPU system it
       means it was idle 75% of the time.

OPTIONS         top

       -p, --pretty
              show uptime in pretty format

       -h, --help
              display this help text

       -s, --since
              system up since, in yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS format

       -V, --version
              display version information and exit

FILES         top

              information about who is currently logged on

       /proc  process information

AUTHORS         top

       uptime was written by Larry Greenfield ⟨greenfie@gauss.rutgers.
       edu⟩ and Michael K. Johnson ⟨johnsonm@sunsite.unc.edu⟩

SEE ALSO         top

       ps(1), top(1), utmp(5), w(1)

REPORTING BUGS         top

       Please send bug reports to ⟨procps@freelists.org⟩

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       This page is part of the procps-ng (/proc filesystem utilities)
       project.  Information about the project can be found at 
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       for this manual page, see
       This page was obtained from the project's upstream Git repository
       ⟨https://gitlab.com/procps-ng/procps.git⟩ on 2023-12-22.  (At
       that time, the date of the most recent commit that was found in
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procps-ng                     December 2012                    UPTIME(1)

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