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CONVERTQUOTA(8)          System Manager's Manual         CONVERTQUOTA(8)

NAME         top

       convertquota - convert quota from old file format to new one

SYNOPSIS         top

       convertquota [ -ug ] -e filesystem

       convertquota [ -ug ] -f oldformat,newformat filesystem

DESCRIPTION         top

       convertquota converts old quota files quota.user and
       to files aquota.user and in new format currently
       used by 2.4.0-ac? and newer or by SuSE or Red Hat Linux 2.4
       kernels on filesystem.

       New file format allows using quotas for 32-bit uids / gids,
       setting quotas for root, accounting used space in bytes (and so
       allowing use of quotas in ReiserFS) and it is also architecture
       independent. This format introduces Radix Tree (a simple form of
       tree structure) to quota file.

OPTIONS         top

       -u, --user
              convert user quota file. This is the default.

       -g, --group
              convert group quota file.

       -f, --convert-format oldformat,newformat
              convert quota file from oldformat to newformat.

       -e, --convert-endian
              convert vfsv0 file format from big endian to little endian
              (old kernels had a bug and did not store quota files in
              little endian format).

       -V, --version
              print version information.

FILES         top

              new user quota file
              new group quota file

SEE ALSO         top

       quota(1), setquota(8), edquota(8), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8),

AUTHOR         top

       Jan Kara <>

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