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CMIRRORD(8)                System Manager's Manual               CMIRRORD(8)

NAME         top

       cmirrord — cluster mirror log daemon

SYNOPSIS         top

       cmirrord [-f] [-h]

DESCRIPTION         top

       cmirrord is the daemon that tracks mirror log information in a
       cluster.  It is specific to device-mapper based mirrors (and by
       extension, LVM cluster mirrors).  Cluster mirrors are not possible
       without this daemon running.

       This daemon relies on the cluster infrastructure provided by the
       corosync, which must be set up and running in order for cmirrord to

       Output is logged via syslog(3). The SIGUSR1 signal(7) can be issued
       to cmirrord to gather current status information for debugging

       Once started, cmirrord will run until it is shutdown via SIGINT
       signal. If there are still active cluster mirrors, however, the
       signal will be ignored. Active cluster mirrors should be shutdown
       before stopping the cluster mirror log daemon.

OPTIONS         top

       -f, --foreground
           Do not fork and log to the terminal.

       -h, --help
           Print usage.

SEE ALSO         top

       lvmlockd(8), lvm(8), syslog(3), signal(7)

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